Wicker Bathroom Accessories, Wicker Floor Stands

wicker floor stand with pull out hamper
4412 wicker circle trim 3 tier floor stand
4120 wicker corner floor stand
4365 wicker floor stand
4097 Wicker Floor Stand with pull out hamper 
4412 Circle trim oblong 3 tier stand.
4120 Wicker Corner Shelf w/ Doors 
4365 Wicker Floor Stand with door
4377 wicker standing shelf with 2 doors
4801/5 wicker 5 tier standing corner shelf
4377 Wicker standing shelf with 2 doors.
4801/5 Wicker standing corner stand

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Our wicker floor stands are great to use in a bathroom, laundry room, bedroom, kitchen are any room in need of attractive storage. These stands are skillfully handcrafted by weaving wicker over and around a sturdy wood frame. Every piece is designed to provide long lasting beauty and durability.