Update Your Rattan or Wicker Furniture with Replacement Cushions from KOZY Kingdom

As the temperatures rise, you’re likely starting to realize it’s time to bring out your patio furniture. But as you haul everything out into the sun, you might begin to feel like storage may actually be the best place for it because, after years of use, it’s just not looking the way it once did.

If your wicker furniture is outdated or if the cushions are beyond repair, consider replacement cushions from KOZY Kingdom. We custom make cushions for your rattan and wicker furniture based on your measurements, so you can be assured that they will fit perfectly and look great. We also have a wide selection of beautiful fabrics to choose from, so you can transform your wicker furniture from outdated to chic. No matter what type of rattan or wicker furniture you have, KOZY Kingdom can help. Just take a look at the variety of replacement cushion options we’re able to offer:

• Solid foam cushions: These cushions are meant for semi-outdoor areas, meaning areas that are protected from direct rainfall by some type of overhang. The cushions are made of solid foam and are wrapped with Dacron, to assure a tight fit. The solid foam cushions tend  to hold their shape longer. Solid foam cushions can also be made with indoor or outdoor fabrics, depending on your preference and where you intend to use them.

• All-weather cushions: Unlike solid foam cushions that need to be protected from direct rainfall, all-weather cushions can be placed almost anywhere outdoors. These cushions are made of compressed layers of polyester fibers, which allows water to flow through the cushion instead of saturating it. This means that the cushion can last longer when exposed to the outdoor elements, and can also dry faster. These cushions are not as comfortable as some of our other options, but they are ideal for use in unprotected outdoor areas.

• Deep-seating cushions: Our deep-seating cushions use two types of materials. We use a 5″  solid foam on the seat portion of the cushion. The thickness combined with the sold foam gives you comfort as well as support and durability. The back cushion, on the other hand, is made with a looser fiber to give that luxurious, deep-seating feel of an oversized couch. These cushions are the best option for indoor or outdoor seating; however.

• Papasan cushions: These unique cushions are round, use a tufted design, and are exclusive to the Papasan Collection. Although we no longer carry the Papasan Collection, we can still create custom replacement cushions for pieces based on your measurements and fabric choices.

No matter what type or style of rattan or wicker furniture you have, KOZY Kingdom can custom create the perfect replacement cushions to bring new life and a modern touch to your furniture collection. To learn more or to get started on your custom order, give us a call today!