What Type of Wicker Patio Furniture Is Best for Your Space?

If you’ve decided to purchase a set of wicker patio furniture, congratulations! You’re about to make a smart investment that will serve you, your family and friends well for many years to come. Wicker furniture adds a special character and charm to any patio, and it’s sure to bring joy to your living space.

There are a lot of options out there so why is  wicker furniture the best choice for your patio?

Consider your space

One easy way to start your search is by taking a good look at the space you have for the furniture. What does your patio look like, and how much square footage is there? For example, do you have a wooden deck, or stone flooring? Does the patio look out over the backyard, or is it set up on a hillside? Do you have a lot of privacy, or is it a wide-open area? How many people do you want to be able to seat at one time? Write down your answers, and then draw up a list of top priorities to take with you to the store.

Consider your style

Every home is unique, and the patio is no exception! The character of your patio should be reflected in the design of your wicker patio furniture in order to provide a seamless overall design. So think it over: Do you like a rustic, farmhouse theme? Or do you prefer more of a modern take? Do you like having a lot of decorations and knickknacks around (planters, candles, blankets, outdoor rugs), or do you keep it understated and simple?

Shop accordingly

Knowing the answer to the above types of questions will help you discover what style of chairs, couches and tables will complement your personality and design the best. For example, a modern setup might look best with a handsome set of steel-gray, boxy wicker chairs and a matching couch with dark throw cushions. A vintage décor might call for soft brown wicker with curved arms and backs, and maybe some cozy blankets to match. If you’re going for a mix of comfort and style and like to entertain, check out a large set that has an eye-catching wicker design and soft, oversize cushions for the couch and chairs. Throw in a couple of classy ottomans, and you’re ready to party!

If you and your family are all about gathering around a table, you could skip the couch and lounge chairs, and just go for a handsome set of dining chairs. Add a matching wicker table and enjoy a sunset dinner with your loved ones.

With so many options, you’ve got a lot to consider—but that’s also part of the fun! For all your outdoor wicker furniture questions and needs, visit KOZY Kingdom. We’ve got a wide selection of wicker patio furniture for all occasions, and our knowledgeable team will make sure you get just what you need!