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wicker storage unit - Island Paradise Capri wicker trunk rattan trunk - Aruba
wicker storage - Island Paradise 4918 Capri wicker trunk Aruba-01Rattan Trunk
wicker storage - Hide Away wicker blanket bench
Hide Away Wicker  Trunk 4284/TR Wicker Trunk Wicker Blanket Bench
Wicker storage chest Wicker blanket trunk wicker blanket chest - Majestic
4515 Wicker Storage Trunk

4702 Wicker Blanket Trunk

Majestic Wicker Trunk


     Our rattan and wicker trunks and rattan and wicker storage units are hand woven over a sturdy wood frame. They can be used for a variety of functions such as storage of blankets or laundry.  They look great at the end of the bed and are sure to enhance your homes warmth and beauty.

   Our natural Wicker Furniture is as durable as it is beautiful and sure to be the perfect compliment for your home.


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