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Throw Cushion Options

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Knife Edge Style Throw Cushions Prices

Cushion Size16″ x 16″18″ x 18″20″ x 20″
E Indoor$17$22$26
E 700 Indoor Fabric$21$28$33
SP Fabric$17$22$26
Olefin & SP*$21$28$33
AC Fabric$24$32$38
Sunbrella Group 1$30$40$47
Sunbrella Group 2$33$44$52
Sunbrella Group 3$34$45$54
Sunbrella Group 4$37$49$58



Button Style Throw Cushion Prices

Cushion Size16″ x 16″18″ x 18″20″ x 20″
E Indoor Fabric$19$24$28
E 700 Indoor Fabric$23$29$36
SP Fabric$19$24$28
Olefin & SP*$23$29$36
AC Fabric$26$34$40
Sunbrella Group 1$32$42$50
Sunbrella Group 2$35$46$54
Sunbrella Group 3$36$48$56
Sunbrella Group 4$39$52$60



Ruffle Style Toss Cushion Prices

Add $1.00 additional for center button

Cushion Size15″ x 15
with 2.5″ wide ruffle
E Indoor Fabric$30
E 700 Indoor Fabric$38
SP Fabric$30
Olefin & SP*$38
AC Fabric$44
Sunbrella Group 1$54
Sunbrella Group 2$59
Sunbrella Group 3$60
Sunbrella Group 4$66



Throw Cushion with Piping Style Prices

add $2.00 additional for center button

Cushion Size16″ x 16″18″ x 18″20″ x 20″
E Indoor Fabric$21$26$30
E 700 Indoor Fabric$25$31$38
SP Fabric$21$26$30
Olefin & SP*$25$31$38
AC Fabric$28$36$42
Sunbrella Group 1$35$45$53
Sunbrella Group 2$38$49$57
Sunbrella Group 3$39$51$59
Sunbrella Group 4$42$55$63



Bolsters Style Throw Cushions Style Prices

Add $12.00 additional per set to put

zippers on bolsters

E Indoor Fabric$72 per pair
E 700 Indoor Fabric$90 per pair
SP Fabric$72 per pair
Olefin & SP*$90 per pair
AC Fabric$107 per pair
Sunbrella Group 1$125 per pair
Sunbrella Group 2$137 per pair
Sunbrella Group 3$142 per pair
Sunbrella group 4$156 per pair


Cost for 1 yard of fabric

E Indoor Fabric$20 per yard
E 700 Indoor Fabric$25 per yard
SP Fabric$17 per yard
Olefin & SP*$25 per yard
AC Fabric$32 per yard
Sunbrella Group 1$40 per yard
Sunbrella Group 2$45 per yard
Sunbrella Group 3$47 per yard
Sunbrella group 4$52 per yard
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