Price and Details
About: Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture Covers

All our covers for outdoor wicker patio furniture are equipped with a venting system and sturdy strings for a secure fit.  Lightweight for easy handling. Easily cleaned with mild detergent and water. Protect your valuable furniture with our quality furniture covers.

Price and Details (Call to Order - 800-242-8314)
FC 001Chair/ Single Glider$ 46.353438
FC 002Loveseat / Double Glider$ 5959″34″38
FC 003Sofa$7581″34″36″
FC 004 Dining Chair/High Back
FC 006  Ottoman$ 3031″21″16″
FC 007Chaise Lounge
$ 6930″71″41″
FC 008Double Chaise lounge$ 8550″71″41″
FC 010Coffee Table (oval)$4444.5″31″23″
FC 011End Table$ 2925.5″
FC 01230″ Round Dining Table$29.33″ diameter30″
FC 01348″ Round Dining Table$52.51″ diameter32″
Fire Island Covers
FC0195 pc sectional L Shape (L,R,M,M,CR)
$ 15398″36″36″
FC020L6 pc sectional L Shape  “Left
Weighted”  (L,R,M,M,CR) Cover
$ 174129″36″23″
FC020R6 pc sectional L Shape “Right Weighted”
(L,R,M,M,CR) Cover
$ 174129″36″23″
FC021Club Chair Cover$ 5540″36″35″
FC023Coffee Table Cover$4437″37″18.5″
FC024Ottoman Cover$ 3930″30″20″
FC025End Table Cover$ 3123″23″23″
FC026Single Chaise Lounge$ 7734″92″16″
FC027Double Chaise Lounge$ 10572″92″16″
FC028Day Lounger “no canopy”$ 9985.5″46″36″
FC032Curved Sofa Cover$ 76101″34″38″
FC03672 x 42 Rectangular Dining Table and
Chair Set
$ 13499.5″79″35.5″
FC03736 x 36 Pub Table and Stool Set$ 10665.5″71.5″41.5″
FC038Swivel Bar Stool$ 4119.25/24.5″30″41.5″
FC039Dining Arm Chair$ 3724.5″25.5″23.5/35.5″
FC040Dining Side Chair “Armless”$ 3118.5″23″19/34.5″
FC04125 X 25 Square Ottoman25.5″25.5″18.5″
FC042Single Adjustable Chaise Lounge w/arms27/31.25″81″17.5/20.5″
FC043Large Round Ottoman$ 3735″ diameter18.5″
FC04432 x 32 Sq. Coffee Table32.5″32.5″16.5″
FC04520 x20 Sq. End Table21″ 21″21″
FC046Fixed 30″ Armless Barstool18.5″22.5″28.5/46.5″
FC04748″ Square Dining Table and Chair set$ 10778.5″78.5″35.5″
FC04860″ Square Dining Table and Chair Set.$ 12988″88″35.5″
FC04984 x 42 Rect. Dining Table & Chair Set116.5″77.5″35.5″
FC05030″ Square Pub Height Table and Stool
$ 10566.5″66.5″45.5″
FC051Contour Curved Sectional – Set230″32″32″
FC052Wedge End Table$ 3515″33.5″25″

Shipping is included on
all order over $75
A fee of
$10 is charged on orders less than $75