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PR087 lighthouse table lamp

5480 basket weave wicker table lamp 4428 SoHo wicker table lamp

PR087 Table Lamp

5480 Basket weave table lamp 4428 SoHo table  lamp

Tiffany Lamp Tiffany Lamp

4526 Herringbone table lamp

4811 Spiral floor lamp 4470 floor lamp with shade 5134 Herringbone floor lamp

wicker lamp

wicker table magazine lamp

wicker lamp

wicker lamp

RT-813 LT Popular Rattan  Lamp

Popular WTF-301 Wicker lamp and magazine rack

RT-801-DTPopularWicker Lamp

  RT 824  Table Lamp Dark Tea


rattan floor lamp

 Shell Lamp

Accent lamp for wicker furniture - 9254 Accent lamp for wicker furniture - 9255 Accent lamp for wicker furniture - 9256      Accent lamp for wicker furniture - 9257
9254 Lamp 9255 Lamp 9256 Lamp 9257 Lamp
PR152 table lamp blue PR152 table lamp green PR152 table lamp red PR152 table lamp white
PR 151-BL Bahama Blue PR151-GR PR151-RD PR151-WH
   Our wicker table and floor lamps are skillfully hand woven and crafted to create  a unique and beautiful  addition to any living space. We also offer other types of lamps which can be used with wicker furniture  to create a tropical or nautical décor. All our lamps are made from quality materials and made to provide years of lighting,, as well as, enhance your home.  
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