About our indoor rattan and wicker furniture

Rattan Furniture is made from a vine that grows in the mountain regions of the Philippines and Southeast Asian. The vines grow very long and are cut into 15 to 20 foot lengths, and then bundled and transported to the furniture manufacturer. Once at the manufacturer, this material can be steamed and then bent and shaped to produce a variety of furniture. The outer shell of the rattan, or peel, can be fashioned into strips which are used to wrap joints. It also can be used as a decorative accent and is often referred to as cane. Cane is often used to produce seat decking and back support on furniture.

Natural wicker indoor furniture  refers to furniture made from a variety of  natural materials, which include rattan peel, willow, straw, rush, grasses, banana leaf, and other natural materials. These materials are woven over and between a rattan frame. Wicker furniture made with straw or rattan peel is often finished with a high gloss white paint and is commonly referred to as white wicker furniture. These two types of wicker can also be stained or painted in an unlimited variety of colors.

     The production of natural wicker furniture dates back to early Egypt where the Egyptians produced baskets and chairs.  Wicker furniture became more popular during the Victorian era in England, which lasted form 1837 till 1901. Victorians believed wicker was cleaner than upholstered furniture because it collects less dust and used it for both indoor and outdoor areas. Victorian wicker is a style of furniture distinguished  by it’s fancy scroll work and intricate design. Since the Victorian era, wicker has flourished and remains a popular addition to many home decors around the world. Click here to view an example of Victorian wicker furniture.